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Winning a Duel in Yu-Gi-Oh!

A Duel takes place between two players and lasts until one player's life goes down to zero from 8000, you can 'deck' your opponent, or, you have all 5 pieces of the "Forbidden One" or FINAL your hand. Winning a Duel is all about building a Deck with with cards that work together. Many Duelist like to put together theme decks or Decks that match their Personality. With practice you can put together decks and win your own Duels



Each player starts the game with a maximum of 8000 Life Points. These life points can be decreased from damage taken from creatures in the Duel or from special attacks from other cards. The player who hits zero life first loses. It IS possible to have both players hit zero life at the same time, in which case the game would be a draw and you have to play again.



Because each player starts with only 40 cards in his/her deck, it's possible to be 'decked' in the game. When you are decked, you are unable to draw another card. When that happens, your opponent automatically wins. It's easy to be decked, so to prevent such a thing during your games, make sure you know how to play your deck and use your cards at the right time. It can make all the difference.



Cards released in the Blue Eyes White Dragon expansion has made it possible to win the game with a certain 5 cards in your hand. Exodia, The Forbidden One is a huge monster that was sealed by magic years ago. His legs and arms all have special seals that can be played as normal cards in the game. BUT, you normally DO NOT want to play the cards, because then you don't have an instant win. If you have all 5 parts of Exodia in your hand during the game, you automatically win. Simple as that.

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Cards released in the Labyrinth of NightMare expansion has made it possible to win the game with a certain 5 cards in your hand.
Final The New Exodia!




The following rules are from Konami's Official Rulebook Copyright © 1996 - 2002

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