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Magician's Force YuGiOh Cards

Guaranteed 100% Tournament Legal Upperdeck Yugioh!

   About Magician's Force (MFC) YuGiOh Cards

  • Magician's Force is the American Series # 8 Released October 2004.
  • It is first series with the Magic Cards renamed to Spell Cards.
    (Due to a law suit from the makers of Magic Cards)
  • Magician's Force has new Spellcaster's such as Dark Magician Girl and Chaos Command Magician.
  • The XYZ Dragon Cannon cards and all of its parts are very dangerous.
  • MFC has cards to improve both your Dark Magician Deck and your machine Machine Deck.

Magician Force is here! It has plenty of awesome new Spellcasters such as Dark Magician Girl and Chaos Command Magician. Your Dark Magician Deck isn't funny anymore! Also your Machine Deck got a whole lot better. With XYZ Dragon Cannon and all of its parts you better watch your back. This is the set you've been waiting for so don't miss out to own these game breaking cards!

The Yugi-oh Trading Card Game continues to be the hottest card game around and these Yu-gi-oh Cards are 100% Yugioh Tournament Legal for all Yu-gi-oh Duelist Leagues and Tournaments.

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Magicain Force

1st Edition MFC Lot of 3 Booster Packs
Code: mfc--1st-3-pack-lot
Price: $9.99
Quantity in Basket: none

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